Terms and Conditions

By using this website, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement. Zóaa™ Professional reserves the right to amend or withdraw any condition without prior notice. Any misunderstandings and/or legal disputes will be based according to the English version on this website, and the Company & its subsidiaries (hereby referred to as “Zoaa Pro Pte Ltd”) reserves the right to legal explanation.

The Company is based in Singapore and when the term “local” or “locally” is used, it refers to Singapore-based deliveries.

1.     VIP Membership Policy

1.1.   Registration

1.1.1.  New VIP applicants:

·         must be at least 18 years of age,

·         are required to key in a valid NRIC (Singapore) or passport number (Others) during registration to facilitate the redemption process,

·         ensure all details provided are correct and complete and

·         any amendments to details must be updated at the membership portal.

1.1.2.  VIP membership is free and non-transferable.

1.1.3.  VIP members may refer their friends(hereby referred to as the “refer-ee”) via the referral link sent together with the membership email. Both the refer-ee and existing VIP member may earn points through purchases made by the refer-ee (refer to Table 1) as long as:

– the refer-ee registered for a VIP membership account using the affiliate code provided by the VIP member.

VIPs may also find your referral link here: https://zoaapro.com/my-account/

1.1.4.  Zóaa™ Professional reserves the right to refuse, suspend or terminate registration of members immediately at our discretion, if we suspect member’s details to be incomplete, incorrect or forged.

1.2.   Point System

1.2.1.  Points earned are not exchangeable for cash.

1.2.2. Unused VIP points will expire in the following year based on the purchase date of invoice.  VIP Members should keep track of their own expiring points on the members’ portal and use them on the gift redemption page or by clicking here:

1.2.3.  VIP & referral point system is as follows:

Table 1: Point Earning System (adjusted for 2x point event: valid for a limited time only!)

Description Processing time
VIP can earn 2 points for every $10 spent on products Points applied once order is completed.
VIP can also earn 1 point for every $10 spent by the refer-ee. End of every month


1.3.   Redemption

1.3.1.  Gift redemption is valid for all VIP members.

For VIP users: click this link to see the list of redeemable products.

For non-registered users: click this link to see the list of redeemable products.

1.3.2.  Redemption code is unique for each entity and is not exchangeable nor refundable for points/ cash.

For VIP users only:

To get your redemption code, go to “My Account – My Rewards”. Select “Get it!” to generate your unique redemption code. Your points will be deducted automatically once the code is generated. Customers must also apply this code during check out to finish the redemption process.

*Please note that shipping charges incur for redemption-only items or refer to point 1.3.5.

If you have forgotten the code that was generated, it can also be found on your registered email address or under My Account\My Current Rewards .

1.3.3.  Zóaa™ Professional’s gift redemption is fixed for each period and may not be exchanged for other products.

1.3.4.  Partial point redemption is not allowed.

1.3.5.  A separate shipping fee (based on weight) will be incurred for items to be redeemed, however, if order is accompanied by a purchase, VIP members will only need to pay for a one-time shipping charge.

1.3.6.  VIP Members should note that they may need to produce valid proof of redemption/ order to the delivery personnel when requested.

1.3.7.  Zóaa™ Professional reserves the right to suspend, void the redemption if we deem the member’s details as incomplete, incorrect or forged.


2.     Privacy Policy

2.1.   Personal information will be collected automatically during registration and/or purchase.

2.2.   The information collected will solely be used for some or all of the following purposes:

a. Administration and account maintenance;

b. Processing of Order and Payments;

c. Engagement of third party service providers to assist in website-related functions (eg: perform payment and delivery facilities);

d. Customer relationship matters;

e. Market research on our products; and

f. Protecting the company’s and clients’ interests

2.3.   Zóaa™ Professional does not engage in outsourcing our customers’ information to non-related external parties unless customers’ consent is approved.


3.     Payment Policy

3.1.   All transactions on this website will be based on Singapore Dollars (SGD)

3.2.   Payments are processed by PayPal which currently accepts MasterCard and Visa.

3.3.   Orders will only be processed for shipment after payments are approved by PayPal.

3.4.   Should your purchased item be out-of-stock, Zóaa™ Professional  will notify and refund you the VIP points (if any)  and the item’s and/or shipping amount to your PayPal account.

3.5.  Zóaa™ Professional will advise the customer accordingly for any Additional Shipping Charges for:

·        reshipment due to failed deliveries,

·        orders with weight exceeding 30kg, and/or

·        airport taxes & any extra shipping charges incurred by the courier service provider (for overseas deliveries)

Under such circumstances, these orders will be placed “ON-HOLD” and customers will be notified (by the email provided during purchase) to make the necessary payment before Zóaa™ Professional can continue processing of your order for shipment.


4.     Shipping Policy

4.1.   Your order will be scheduled for delivery once all payment is received and confirmed. An email will be sent to notify once shipment is processed.

4.2.   Customers should produce valid proof of purchase/ order invoice to the delivery personnel upon request.


4.3.1.  Our local delivery timeslots are: Monday to Friday (between 9am to 6pm).

Our delivery cut-off time for next day deliveries are at 4.00pm on weekdays. Customers who wish to change their delivery date/ time must notify Zóaa™ Professional before 4pm for delivery that are scheduled for the next day. Failing which, Zóaa™ Professional will not be able to make delivery re-arrangements once your parcel(s) is/are collected by our courier dispatches.

Although Zóaa™ Professional try to fulfill all customers’ needs, customers need to note that all delivery slots are subject to availability and special requests may not be met. Zóaa™ Professional will try to deliver to you within 1-2 working days, but expect 3-5 working days to delivery.

4.3.2.  For unsuccessful deliveries,

In the event that your parcel, delivered by SingPost, is not received in person, the delivery personnel, will slip a key under your doorstep for self-retrieval of your parcel at your nearest POP station within 5 working days. Failing which will incur additional delivery charge based on your shipment weight. Zóaapro™ will treat it as item discarded and not bear any responsibility for it if customer does not make arrangements for re-delivery.

In the event that your parcel, delivered by our courier service partner or dispatch; is not received in person, our customer service will contact you and reschedule another delivery date, with additional charges borne by you.

4.3.3.  For nett local purchases above SGD$50, customers are entitled to claim a coupon code with SG01 in a single receipt (which can be used to off set on local shipping cost charges of up to 3kg weight.)(Coupon code is currently not valid for overseas delivery)

*View a list of available coupons here!


4.4.1.   Zóaa™ Professional will advise the customer of any excess charges (eg: airport taxes) incurred during shipment and payment must be made before your shipment is dispatched.

4.5.   Rates for shipping charges

Table 2: Local (SG) shipping charges up to 30kg (*Effective: 01 Sept 2014)

Weight (kg) Shipping  charge (SGD)
0-3 13
3-10 20
10-20 24
20-30 28


Table 3: Overseas shipping charges up to 30kg (*Effective: 01 Sept 2014)

Countries Minimum charge (for the 1st kg)(SGD) Approximate time needed (days)
Malaysia $24.50 2-4
Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam $32.40 2-8
Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, Taiwan $33.30 2-6
China $44.40 2-6
Japan, North & South Korea $45.35 2-7
Cambodia, India, Myanmar $43.50 2-8
Australia & New Zealand $44.40 2-6
United Kingdom $55.50 2-5
Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland $62.90 2-7
Canada, USA $63.85 3-7
Russian Federation $80.50 8-15
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates $81.40 2-5

Note 1: For countries not listed in table 3, please make an enquiry at cu*************@zo*****.com

Note 2: Due to shipping restrictions, each shipment weight cannot exceed 30kg.

For purchases above 30kg,

·        Please make contact us at cu*************@zo*****.com for the relevant shipping charge before proceeding with your order,

otherwise, a separate shipping charge will be imposed and customer will be notified to make payment for additional shipment as each shipment cannot exceed 30kg in weight. (Refer to point 3.4)

·        Alternatively, customer may separate his/her purchases into 2 separate orders (of no more than 30kg each) for shipment purposes.


5.     Exchange and Cancellation Policy

Exchange (Shipping damage-related)

5.1.   Due to current limitations, Zóaa™ Professional can only offer local deliveries a one-to-one exchange for damage due to delivery on a case basis.

5.1.1.  Should there be any damage found on the delivered item, please notify us immediately (with photo of the damaged item, description and order ID) via +65 9889 6488 (SMS or WhatsApp) or email us at cu*************@zo*****.com . Zóaa™ Professional will not bear any responsibility after 00.00am the next day

5.1.2.  All damage-exchange can only be swapped based on one-for-one exchange for the same product , Zóaa™ Professional will provide the customer with a one-time shipping fee waiver on the damage-exchange shipment.

5.1.3.  All damage-exchange are not exchangeable for cash.

Cancellation of purchase

5.2.   Customers should confirm their order before proceeding to make a payment. Once payment has been made, Zóaa™ Professional will not accept any cancellation; cash refund and/or exchange for other items.

Zóaa™ Professional reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time at its sole discretion without any prior notice to customers and customers shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions so amended.

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