Lishow Sedative Anti Inflammatory Scalp Gel Treatment


Specifically for: Care for after-hair treatment  – Coloring, bleaching, rebonding

Features: Prevents sensitivity, reduce scalp irritation, provide healthy hair growth

Benefits: Contains rich plant extracts, reduce scalp irritation on sensitive or itchy scalp, detox inflammation, relieve discomfort caused by inflammation of scalp and help restore the natural pH and radiance of hair

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  • Contains rich plant extracts
  • Reduce scalp irritation on sensitive or itchy scalp
  • Detox and reduce discomfort caused by inflammation of scalp
  • Restore the natural pH levels and radiant glow of hair
  • For post-hair treatment care (eg: coloring, bleaching, rebonding)


  1. Apply an appropriate amount of the Lishow Sedative Anti-Inflammatory Scalp Gel Treatment ampoule directly onto the scalp.
  2. Massage the scalp for 5 minutes to open up the scalp pores. This allows the treatment essence to enter into the deeper hair roots and cleanse the left-over chemical residue from hair treatment processes (eg: coloring, bleaching, rebonding) and clear blockages and relieve discomfort caused by scalp irritation and reduces sensitivity. At the same time, nutrients will also be replenished to the hair roots and pores to restore the natural pH level and radiance of the hair.

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