Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy a particular product of Zóaa™ ?

You may purchase them on this website.

Alternatively, you may contact us for assistance.


2. What is your contact details?

Customer Service

Hotline is +65 64818195. (Weekdays 9am to 6pm, excluding public holidays)

Email: cu*************@zo*****.com


3. I do not have a credit card. Do you accept other payment methods?

You may contact our hotline for alternative payment methods. (Local only)


4. Can I cancel/ change my order after I have made a payment?

Please refer to our cancellation policy stated on our terms & conditions.

Cancellation of purchase

5.2.   Customers should confirm their order before proceeding to make a payment. Once payment has been made, Zóaa™ Professional will not accept any cancellation; cash refund and/or exchange for other items.”


4a. What happens if I will not in when my parcel arrives?

Kindly ensure that someone will be in to receive your parcel as stated on the order confirmation email that will  be sent out 1 day in advance. In the event that no one will be in during the time stated, kindly contact us immediately before 4pm for next day deliveries before our courier dispatches comes and collect your parcel. If no notification is received by us before the delivery cut off time (at 4pm), we will process your parcel as per normal and additional charges may have to be borne by the customer for re-deliveries.


4b.  I need to be away for 5 mins. What happens if the courier arrives during this short while that I am away?

In such a case, our courier dispatch will contact you via the phone number provided on the order confirmation email. Please make sure to keep an alert for the phone call. If courier dispatch is unable to get in touch with you, they will return your parcel to us. Redelivery charges may have to be borne by the customer for the next re-delivery attempt.


5. How can I report a faulty item?

Please refer to our exchange (due to shipping damage) policy on our Terms & Conditions:

“Exchange (Shipping damage-related)

5.1.   Due to current limitations, Zóaa™ Professional can only offer local deliveries a one-to-one exchange for damage due to delivery on a case basis.

5.1.1.  Should there be any damage found on the delivered item, please notify us immediately (with photo of the damaged item, description and order ID) via +65 9889 6488 (SMS or WhatsApp) or email us at cu*************@zo*****.com . Zóaa™ Professional will not bear any responsibility after 00.00am the next day.

Eg: Customer’s item delivered on 15th Jan 2015. If there is any damage/ request, please notify us before 00.00am, 16th Jan 2015.

5.1.2.  All damage-exchange can only be swapped based on one-for-one exchange for the same product , Zóaa™ Professional will provide the customer with a one-time shipping fee waiver on the damage-exchange shipment.

5.1.3.  All damage-exchange are not exchangeable for cash.”


6. Where can I give my feedbacks/ reviews?

At Zóaa™ Professional, we welcome all feedbacks and reviews by our customers and users of the world wide web. You may drop us your feedback at cu*************@zo*****.com or via the contact form on the Contact Us page.


7. What is the benefits of joining as a VIP member?

Being a VIP member is totally free. As a VIP member, you can earn points. We have events specifically for VIPs, such as the 2x VIP points which will end on 30th June 2015. (ie: For every $10 spent on the cart alone, you will receive 1 (x2) points).

With these points earned, you can redeem for our VIP redemption products for free. (excluding the shipping fee)


8. I have 100 points. How do I make a redemption for the aqueous gel @ 27 VIP points?

“1.3: Redemption

For VIP users only:

1. To get your redemption code, log in and go to “My Account – My Rewards”.

2. Select “Get it!” to generate your unique redemption code.

Your points will be deducted automatically once the code is generated.

3. Customers should then select the same product from the redemption page to cart and proceed to checkout.

4. During checkout, VIP members must apply this unique redemption code during check out to finish the redemption process.

If you have forgotten the code that was generated, it can also be found on your registered email address or under My Account\My Current Rewards .”


You may keep this coupon in your account and use them before coupon expiry date (usually the end date of the VIP redemption period)

Once points are deducted automatically to generate a coupon code, we are unable to reverse the process. VIP members will have until the coupon expiry date to use this coupon or forfeit it.


8b. I had a total of 50 points since my last purchase on 5 Jan 2014. Why did my point record show 0 on 20 Feb 2015?

Unused VIP points will expire in the following year based on the order invoice date.


Order date: 5 Jan 2014

Invoice date: 6 Jan 2014,

Points: awarded = 50,

Point expiry date: 5 Jan 2015 (based on the invoice date)

* Please note that the 1 year point expiry will only affect per order basis. Subsequent orders on Feb, Mar, etc will have different expiry date from the Jan one.


9. What is this “Refer a Friend” thing?

Our management has introduced  a unique friend-buddy system in which, you can recommend your friend to join us as a member.


– Both of you can earn points every time your friend makes a purchase.

– Both of you enjoy the VIP benefits as mentioned on point 7.


Friend makes a purchase of $100 (excluding shipping charges).

Friend will earn 0.2 of $100 = 20 VIP points

You will earn 0.1 of $100 = 10 VIP points


1. You must first be a VIP member. (Purchase is not required by you)

2. Your friend must join as a VIP member via the referral link that you must provide him/ her with.

(You can find your referral link under my account page”

ie: He/She must enter our website (one-time only) via the referral link provided by you, and register for an account with us. The system will then be able to track any purchases made and reflect the points accordingly.


9b. My referred friend has made a purchase, why didn’t I receive my points?

Please be patient as all referral points will only be updated at end of every month.


10. I have selected the timeslot availability on my order. Why is it not reflected?

Unfortunately, this system is under testing and not functionable yet. If you would like a specific time delivery, please leave it under the remark section (subjected to approval). There may be additional charges for specific timing deliveries.