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Absolute Nutritive Hair Straightening Cream

This product is the ideal complementary product for use after performing Zoaa Vibrance Absolute Hair Rebonding. Apply this product after the first wash (2 – 3 days after performing Zoaa Vibrance Absolute Hair Rebonding) for longer-lasting and healthier straight hair.


Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Effectively removes dandruffs. Rich in vitamins and natural herbal extracts, this treatment curbs excessive sebum and cleanses residue on the scalp, giving you elegant, healthy hair which is free of dandruffs.


Aqueous Nutritional Essence

Developed from a breakthrough aqueous nutrition formulation. Contains aqueous amino essences and vitamin B5. This product gives you a non-greasy finish with no rinsing required. Nourishes hair from the roots to the ends and adds volume to hair, instantly making your hair shiny and silky smooth. The abundant amino essences effectively repair and strengthens the hairs’ internal structure. Boosts the tone of your hair colour (natural or dyed), giving you layered and lively colors. Enhanced moisture-retention also makes your hair healthy and vibrant.


Celerity Restore Conditioning Essence (Damaged Hair)

Suitable for permed, dyed, and hair damaged by various styling treatments. This product swiftly reinvigorates hair from the inner cells, promoting active growth of cells and normalizing your hair. Effective even on split-end and brittle hair. Restores health and strength to your hair, giving you smooth, lively, and manageable hair.


Hair Enhancer Treatment

Highly effective prescription which enhances and supplements healthy hair efficiently. Vitamin B5 aids in improving the moisture retention of hair. Hair Enhancer Treatment also repairds damaged hair, restoring shine and vigor to hair. Ideal for use on split-end hair too.


Hair Growth Treatment

Active ingredients include natural herbal extracts, amino acids, vitamin B5, and keratoprotein. Aids in nourishing and improving hair quality during hair growth. Gives you lively, resilient, and healthier looking hair.


Lishow Anti Dandruff Scalp Physical Therapy Treatment

Specifically for: Hair Itch, Dandruff hair

Features: Removes dandruff, kill germs, stops itching, relaxing

Benefits: Contains botanical extracts, remove dandruff, sterilization, itching, Relax, replenish nutrients, nourish the scalp and stimulate the pores accelerate metabolism, maintain healthy hair and scalp, make pores less susceptible to contamination, to dilated capillaries providing nutrition to maintain healthy hair follicles and dermis, and can effectively supply nutrients to damaged hair, make hair more elastic and shiny.


Lishow Cool & Refreshing Scalp Physical Therapy Treatment

Specifically for: Problematic scalp, prone to sweaty, oily or dandruff hair in summer.

Features: Sooth scalp and cools hair

Benefits: Contains natural mint essence, remove oil, sun protection, reduce inflammation, refreshing and eliminate fatigue, rich in hydrophilic factors, has strong water lock features, can improve the moisture content of hair fibre and keep hair moist longer. Delicate and rich bubbles help cleanse hair effectively. Gives user an extraordinary experience with the elegant and pleasant fragrance.


Lishow Oil Scalp Resistance Gel

Specifically for: Oily scalp, hair loss caused by oily scalp.

Features: Oil control, reduce hair loss, nourishing

Benefits: Highly concentrated formula containing various botanical extracts. Can thoroughly clean scalp, control convergence, conditioning repair and restore moisture balance. Nourish the hair and scalp. Contains active ingredients which strengthens weak hair and roots of greasy hair. Long term oil control and nourishment.


Lishow Sedative Anti Inflammatory Scalp Gel Treatment

Specifically for: Care for after-hair treatment  – Coloring, bleaching, rebonding

Features: Prevents sensitivity, reduce scalp irritation, provide healthy hair growth

Benefits: Contains rich plant extracts, reduce scalp irritation on sensitive or itchy scalp, detox inflammation, relieve discomfort caused by inflammation of scalp and help restore the natural pH and radiance of hair


One-Minute Hair Treatment Mask

Contain henna extract, silk protein, and other amino essences and vitamins. Provides nourishment needed by hair, repairs and restructures damaged hair cuticles, giving you silky smooth hair with a healthy glow.


Super Smooth Professional Hair Intense Treatment Mask (S-ALU)


  • Contains natural green tea extract and almond lactate essence to stabilise sensitive scalp
  • Contains Vitamin B5 that nourishes and protects hair fibres and cuticles
  • Contains active wheat proteins which helps to replenish nutrients lost due to chemical treatment (s) applied to the hair (eg: dyeing, rebonding, perming)
  • Instant restoration for especially dry and damaged hair to healthy hair
  • Restores shine onto hair after treatment
  • Frequent use will give you smooth and supple hair


1. After shampooing hair, apply this Professional Super Smooth Hair Intense Treatment mask (according to hair length) and spread evenly onto the hair strands layer by layer.

2. Gently massage and move along the hair strands in a downward direction until the hair texture feels soft.

3. Leave on for 20 minutes. This will allows time for the hair cuticles to open up to cleanse leftover chemical residue from hair treatment processes (eg: dyeing, rebonding, perming) while absorbing vitamins and replenishing water content.

[Optional] For those with more severe dry/ damaged hair, wrap hair with a warm towel and place under steamer for 5 minutes to see instant restoration from damaged hair to healthy hair. Frequent treatment will enhance restoration and produce healthier and shinier hair.

4. Rinse off and blow dry to restore healthy, natural & wavy-looking hair.



Vibra-Restore Treatment Cream

Contains moisturizing agents prescribed from extracts of olive, wheat, and other active polymers. Forms a protective coat on your hair to prevent common environmental damage like UV rays from the sun. With frequent use, Vibra-Restore Treatment Cream will detoxify and regenerate hair, significantly improving your hair quality from the cuticles to ends; giving you frizz-less, smooth, and healthy looking hair.