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Perming Lotion (1000ml)

Zoaa Vibrance Ion Pem contains natural herbal extracts, multi0-proteins, and amino acids. Smoothens curly and frizzy hair and repairs damaged parts of the hair simultaneously. Results in smooth and shiny straight hair, revitalizes hair to its lively state with a healthy glow.

Perming Lotion (Normal Hair)

This product is designed for high-precision perms to produce ideal lively curls. Contain lonene polymers which offer protection to the hair during perming. Bio-amino essence permeates into the hair fibres to strengthen hair. With smoothing and calming agents in the neutralizer for beautiful, lasting curls.

Protein Deoxidation Acid

(For Professional Hairstylist Use)

Suitable for 90% damaged hair, hair spoilt during part one rebonding, provides care-free rebond/ perm/ dye and provides immediate one-minute hair restoration.

Styling Spray

Formulated with premium ingredients, this product offers nourishing protection to your hair while styling. Forms a protective layer over your hair to guard against environmental damage like UV rays. Weightless and leaves no flakes, easy to apply and gives a lasting hold.

Vibrance Developer

Contains active herbal content, silk protein, and growth factors to prevent excessive damage to the cuticles during hair coloring, resulting in healthy and vibrant colored hair.


Type: 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%

Vibrance Series Color Cream

Main ingredients include organic elements, Pro-vitamin B5 and botanical color pigments manufactured in our hi-tech facilities. Specially formulated for dry, damaged or weak hair. Ideal for concealment of grey hair and produce natural, lasting and vibrant results.