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Lishow Seal & Shine Wax


– Isolation harmful effects of heat on the hair when the hair style or thermoplastic large flower shape for.

– Highly elastic soft shape memory bottoming use.


The new supple abundance of style, can easily create tactile shape, so the hair supple, natural shine; smooth rough lets keep blowing hair silky smooth rich, nourishing hair stud obedient.


Lishow Sedative Anti Inflammatory Scalp Gel Treatment

Specifically for: Care for after-hair treatment  – Coloring, bleaching, rebonding

Features: Prevents sensitivity, reduce scalp irritation, provide healthy hair growth

Benefits: Contains rich plant extracts, reduce scalp irritation on sensitive or itchy scalp, detox inflammation, relieve discomfort caused by inflammation of scalp and help restore the natural pH and radiance of hair


Magical Revitalising Gel

This is the ideal product for transforming your hair into a wide variety of styles, even for curled hair! Improves resilience, elasticity and bounce of your hair. Gives you superb control and definition for producing lasting, vibrant curls and waves. Ideal for creating layered or rippled styles with its long-lasting anti-frizz, and weightless hold; while offering protection from heat and environmental damage.


Matt Wax

Benefits: The net effect of persistent stereotypes, moderate intensity; case of water-soluble, and then strong plastic; special UV adding substances to effectively prevent external abuse, increased hair natural luster; not greasy after use, do not tangle.


Moist & Shine Conditioner

Specifically for: All Hair Types


  • Contains an abundance of Vitamin B5 and Almond Lactate Essence, giving optimum shine and moisturizing effects to your hair. Frequent use of this product improves the moisture retention and manageability of your hair, giving you silky, smooth and shiny hair.

One-Minute Hair Treatment Mask

Contain henna extract, silk protein, and other amino essences and vitamins. Provides nourishment needed by hair, repairs and restructures damaged hair cuticles, giving you silky smooth hair with a healthy glow.


Professional Hair Intense Treatment Mask

Formulated from a revolutionary prescription. Caters to hair that requires swift restoration or repair. Especially effective on porous and damaged hair. Contains natural green tea extract and almond lactate essence to stabilize sensitive scalp. Vitamin B5 nourish and protect hair fibre and cuticles, while active wheat proteins replenish the nutrients lost during styling processes and restore shine into hair. Frequent use will give you smooth and supple hair.
This product is now in its new packaging – the 500ml aluminium packs. (SKU: SWA 201710CA_ALU)
We no longer carry this product in the bottle type.


Salon Conditioner 100ml bundle pack (x5)

Salon Design Conditioner (Travel Pack)

Small & Easy to carry.

Comes in a bundled pack of 5 small aluminium packs (100ml each)


Salon Conditioner 100ml pack

Salon Design Conditioner (Travel Pack)

Small & Easy to carry.

Suitable if you do not wish to purchase in large quantity.