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Absolute Nutritive Hair Straightening Cream

This product is the ideal complementary product for use after performing Zoaa Vibrance Absolute Hair Rebonding. Apply this product after the first wash (2 – 3 days after performing Zoaa Vibrance Absolute Hair Rebonding) for longer-lasting and healthier straight hair.


Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Specifically for: Hair with dandruff problems, scalp irritation


  • Effective remediation for dandruff & scalp irritation problems
  • Contains active ingredients including MAM, Propolis and various amino acids
  • Gentle & Soothing on hair
  • Restore moisture balance and vitamins to hair
  • UV protection

Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Effectively removes dandruffs. Rich in vitamins and natural herbal extracts, this treatment curbs excessive sebum and cleanses residue on the scalp, giving you elegant, healthy hair which is free of dandruffs.



Made of PVC Material, with one pocket, Imprinted with Zóaa logo. Color Available: Black


Aqueous Gel

This is a versatile product that gives you a strong hold while offering moisture retention with a healthy glow on your hair. Makes your hair smooth and manageable, especially for straight hair. Light and leaves no undesirable residue. Suitable for use on both dry and damp hair.


Aqueous Nutritional Essence

Developed from a breakthrough aqueous nutrition formulation. Contains aqueous amino essences and vitamin B5. This product gives you a non-greasy finish with no rinsing required. Nourishes hair from the roots to the ends and adds volume to hair, instantly making your hair shiny and silky smooth. The abundant amino essences effectively repair and strengthens the hairs’ internal structure. Boosts the tone of your hair colour (natural or dyed), giving you layered and lively colors. Enhanced moisture-retention also makes your hair healthy and vibrant.


Celerity Restore Conditioning Essence (Damaged Hair)

Suitable for permed, dyed, and hair damaged by various styling treatments. This product swiftly reinvigorates hair from the inner cells, promoting active growth of cells and normalizing your hair. Effective even on split-end and brittle hair. Restores health and strength to your hair, giving you smooth, lively, and manageable hair.